[Easy Economic English] Keyword 8. Cyberlibel (Cyber defamation)

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English Composition: Bullying cyber defamation reporters is one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s specialtiesPhilippine dictator Duterte has been tracking down MariarethaA two-year crackdown on her, a former CNN reporter and founder of online news site Raffler, includesEarlier this month, Lesa spent a day in jail for cyber defamation charges, with two purposes: criminal charges tarnished her reputation and spreading falsehoods about her article, along with bad Facebook storiesEconomic English p38-41 is suspected of corruption between a businessman and a judge published by Raffler in 2012 because of an article

CyberRebel Herring Journalist is one of Rodrigo Duterte’s specialties, and Philippine strongman Duterte has been chasing Maria Resa, a former CNN reporter and founder of online news site Raffler, for two yearsThe campaign against her combines Facebook slander and criminal charges intended to tarnish her reputation and spread lies about her work earlier this month. Resa spent the night in prison on charges of “cyberbells” for a 2012 article published by Rappler about allegations of corrupt relationships between businessmen and judges.Written by Ann Senica B. Jung, Englishlo